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What is LarynxLock?

Smart and easy to use device
solving laryngeal air leaks!


Problem with SAD

(Supraglottic Airway Device)

Air leakage (10% of all cases)

Due to incomplete mask seal

Worldwide 16 million times per year

Interventions up until now


A better solution is LarynxLock!

LarynxLock is an innovative device that helps anaesthesiologists significantly reduce patient risk. By applying upward pressure to the soft tissue of the bottom of the mouth, the internal anatomical shape is restored and the leakage is solved.


Lift the weak part of the floor of the mouth and thus stop the leakage.

The specially designed pusher is key to give the right amount of pressure in the correct area.

Head band

Holds the pusher in the correct position.

This preserves the chosen airway management.

LarynxLock the product


Key benefits

Solves the leakage

Easy to use and self explanatory

Quicker to use than changing SAD

Quicker to use than Intubating

Lower cost than Intubating

Single use product with minimal environmental impact

Completely safe for the patient

Larynxlock brings an innovative and
original solution to anesthesiologists

Solve the leakage

Always in full control

Saves OR time (Up to 10-15 min)

Avoid an “unexpected difficult airway”

Reduce patient risk

Reduce cost of materials used in OR (Up to €100)

So, why not use LarynxLock?


Validation LarynxLock

Several investigations have shown that LarynxLock is a solution for a relevant problem*



Clinical study

Literature study

Tests in practice

LarynxLock Milestones


Q2 '22

Pre-seed 150k

Concept stage with proof of concept

Q4 '22

Clinical study with success rate > 80%

Product ready for engineering and production

CE Marking

Q2 '23
Seed round €450k

First commercial & repeat sales

Q4 '23

Larynxlock in 6 hospitals in NL

'24 - '31

Enter UK, FR and DE markets

Scale up ROW

The team


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